CryptoDATA Motorrad Grand Prix von Österreich | Barry P 12 | Zonta P18

Barry Baltus – P12:
“It was a good race for me today. Our weekend was very consistent where we did well in every session. Therefore I am happy with this weekend where a lot of work was done on our own. We definitely made a step this weekend which is something we can be happy with. Now let’s see what happens next weekend, it’s good to score some points again which is also nice for the team and everyone involved.”

Barry Oostenrijk

Zonta van den Goorbergh – P18:
“In the end it was a reasonably good race and we finished eighteenth. In the beginning there was a lot of chaos around me which created a gap to the group in front of me. Then I managed to close the gap, but I ended up behind Ramirez, who lost contact with the group again. Then I passed him and had a fight with Antonelli after which the grip at the back started to decrease, I think I was asking a bit too much of the tyres up to that point. It could have been better but it wasn’t a bad race, a reasonable result that I worked hard for with the team.”

Zonta Oostenrijk

Jarno Janssen – RW Racing GP teammanager:
“Both riders achieved a good result today. I think Zonta rode a good race with a good pace, you can see he has made great strides and has been battling with strong riders throughout the race: a deserving eighteenth place that we can definitely be satisfied with. Barry also did a very strong race and finally scored points again. That leaves us wanting more and in general we can be satisfied with this weekend. Of course we had some problems, especially in qualifying where it just didn’t work out. If we improve on that, I’m sure both riders will start a few places further up the grid.”