Successful shakedown for NTS RW Racing GP in Valencia

NTS RW Racing GP has concluded a two-day test in Valencia satisfactorily. Bo Bendsneyder in particular did a lot of work with the new NTS machine. Steven Odendaal could not complete the entire program due to a foot injury.The test in Valencia must be seen as a shakedown for NTS RW Racing GP. Together with a number of Moto2 and Moto3 teams, the Dutch team hired the Valencia circuit for a private test to try out the first new parts prior to the first official test in two weeks.

“To our surprise we found a completely new frame at our partner GEO Technologies in Switzerland, with everything implemented that we had comments on last year,” says team manager Jarno Janssen. “Besides a new frame we also have the new Triumph engine and this season our bikes are equipped with KYB suspension. So we started from scratch for these two days. The focus was therefore on collecting data from different settings and seeing how the machine and the riders react to it.”

The results of that first test were satisfactory for Janssen, in particular that of Bo Bendsneyder. “Because of his leg injury, Bo was not able to do much during the test in November. That’s why it was very exciting to see how things were going now, because this was actually the first time he was fit and on the bike again. In comparison with the other Moto2 riders who are here, including Alex Marquez, he is not far behind. It is really promising what we have seen here.”

Steven Odendaal could only make a limited number of laps. The South African was still suffering from the foot injury (a shattered toe) that he contracted at the beginning of December. On Wednesday, he rode only 25 laps. Today he only got up again mid-afternoon.

Bo Bendsneyder: “It went very well and I am really satisfied. We have been able to try many different things and the new NTS chassis and the Triumph engine feel good. I have little trouble with my leg when riding.”

Steven Odendaal: “Unfortunately I still have some problems with my foot, and especially on the bike it hurts a lot. So I have not been able to ride as much as Bo and that is a shame. Hopefully it will be better again in two weeks, when we have the official test in Jerez.”