Roy van Hooren (18) was a mechanic at eleven already

In the run-up to the Dutch TT, NTS RW Racing GP brings a daily interview or report to offer a look behind the scenes. Today: mechanic Roy van Hooren (18) is the Best motorcycle technician in the Netherlands.

How does a guy of your age end up in the Grand Prixs?

Roy van Hooren: “I have loved motorbikes and mopeds since childhood. From the age of eleven I have been involved as a mechanic in the Dutch championship. Through Thomas and Jordy van Leeuwen, who are from the same village as me, I came in contact with RW Racing GP. They introduced me, but then I was 16 and too young. I kept in touch with the team and last year I was allowed to go to the Sachsenring and Aragon, to see if I liked it, to taste the atmosphere and to help where possible. That suited both sides well. Now I am 18 and now it was possible to join the team.”

What exactly is your job?

“I have been one of the engineers in the crew of Bo Bendsneyder since the start of the season. Under the leadership of crew chief Hans Spaan I am working on Bo’s bike together with my Spanish colleague Adria Requena – he is the first mechanic. It is hard work: you are away 160 days a year. You hand in a lot, but I like this job, so it’s no sacrifice. I’d rather travel around the world than work from 8 to 5 for a boss every day.”

190624 Roy MG 5026

NTS RW Racing GP not only wants to be a springboard for talented riders, but also for mechanics. You are a graduate of the Drenthe College, with which RW Racing GP had a collaboration, which allowed a number of students to do an internship with the team. Were you there too?

“No, because then I was not far enough with school. I have just finished school, a few weeks ago. I did my internship at Roteg Racing, where they wanted to keep me. I now also work there between the Grand Prixs.”

With you the team has the Best motorcycle technician in the Netherlands. How did that go?

“That was fun. All schools with a course in motorcycle technics were allowed to send someone and the Drenthe College wanted me to go. In such a competition you have to work under pressure, just like with a team. You have to be sure of your case and work very precisely. For that competition, we had to, among other things, overhaul a caliper and carry out maintenance.”

What are your ambitions?

“This is my passion, I think it’s great to be here and so I want to continue. I want to learn a lot at RW, gain a lot of experience and make contacts. And then I’ll see where it brings me.”