PETRONAS Grand Prix of Malaysia | Barry NC

Barry Baltus
“I was feeling really comfortable with the hard rear tyre although I was 17th at that moment. Then I went into the pits to change to a soft rear tyre and then the incident happened. I was hit hard but these things can happen, this is racing. Now I have a break in my foot and we need to go back to Belgium as soon as possible to have it operated.”

Jarno Janssen – RW Racing GP teammanager:
“Definitely not the best way for us to start a weekend. The session started reasonably well but ten minutes before the end our weekend was over. That’s obviously incredibly disappointing after we had Zonta’s retirement in Australia last week and so now we have no rider on the grid in Malaysia. That’s pretty painful and something I haven’t experienced before.

Of course it was completely through no fault of Barry’s, we can’t blame him for anything. It was a nasty confluence of circumstances and he was hit hard. Barry will need surgery and will also have to miss Valencia anyway. Of course we hope that Zonta can be back at Valencia and that we will get positive news next week. We have to stay positive, even if things are not going well at the moment. Let’s hope the bad luck is behind us now, that Barry can at least focus on 2023 and we can see Zonta at the start again at Valencia.”