Grande Prémio Tissot de Portugal: Barry P9, Zonta DNF

Barry Baltus (P9):
“The race is over, the weekend is done. It was not my best weekend but we go home with seven important World Championship points. At the start of the race I was not very comfortable and we were fighting for positions where we normally don’t want to be. But then it went wrong: a huge crash and the race was stopped. Fortunately, the injuries were not too bad, so let’s be happy about that. Anyway, after the restart we finished ninth and I think despite everything we should be happy and satisfied with that. I’m looking forward to the next Grand Prix in Jerez and that we can be better there from the start. Thanks to the team, it certainly wasn’t an easy weekend for the boys either.”




Zonta van den Goorbergh (DNF):
“It is obvious that the race day did not go as we would have liked beforehand. The start of the race was good, we were on the pace right from the start and I really had the feeling we could go for a good result. However, it started to rain a little, but I hadn’t felt anything on the previous lap and I didn’t feel anything special in the first corner either. A few metres later eleven rideres were in the gravel trap. A great pity and a real shame because we were doing well. Unfortunately, we can’t change anything about it anymore, it is what it is. Let’s be happy that we got away with it and get another chance at Jerez next weekend.




Jarno Janssen, RW Racing GP manager:
“Unbelievable, what a day. Of course we are happy with ninth place and the seven World Championship points Barry can add to the six he already had. But this was not a normal and ordinary race, a race in which there was a massive crash which caused a red flag and in which unfortunately Zonta was involved. It was a race that we had not hoped that it would end like this. The only thing we can be happy about is that all the riders got away without any injuries and that it was only material damage. So let’s just be happy with Barry’s result and that we can both be on the start line for the next Grand Prix weekend at Jerez.”