Gran Premio Animoca Brands de Aragón | Barry P13 | Zonta DNF

Barry Baltus – P13:
“The race today was not so bad. We made a step this morning after we’ve been struggling this weekend. Especially mentally because it was a busy week and I found it hard to focus. Friday I wasn’t really there but Saturday we improved, I had the pace to go to Q2. Therefore I was confident going into Sunday but not like always. Still, we did a good race and I managed to score points again. Now let’s see how it will go in Japan.”

RW05 961


Zonta van den Goorbergh – DNF:
“It’s very unfortunate how we ended the weekend today. All weekend we did all the laps alone, including my fastest laps, so the pace was really good. We obviously want to keep this up in Japan and there we will work in the same way again.

On the first lap, I was involved in the chaos of Schrötter’s crash who went down right on my line, I had to dodge him which made me fall all the way back. Then I came back to the front and had overtaken Kubo and was briefly behind Hada. I wanted to stay patient but entering the Corkscrew I lost the front. The pace of the riders I was behind was not fast enough so there was not enough weight on the front and I crashed. So I actually crashed because I was going too slow.

Of course that’s incredibly disappointing but up until that point it was a strong race and I was doing consistent lap times. I was pushing but not too much to save the tyres, overall we did a good job this weekend. Now we look forward to Japan to continue this line there.”

RW03 961