NTS RW Racing GP’s home race cancelled

Everyone saw it coming, of course, but the disappointment about not being able to have the Dutch TT, is great, also at NTS RW Racing GP. “It is the most important race of the year for us and for a large part of our sponsors,” says NTS RW Racing GP team manager Jarno Janssen. “Of course it is a huge disappointment that there will be no Dutch TT for the time being.”

Now that the corona measures regarding events in the Netherlands have been extended until the end of August, it is not possible to have the Dutch TT in the last weekend of June. In a statement, the TT Circuit announces that the ninetieth Dutch TT will be moved to next season.
The question is whether there will be any racing this season. Janssen is in close contact with both the TT Circuit and with MotoGP organizer Dorna and the IRTA, the association of riders and teams, and therefore knows that all kinds of alternative plans are being considered. “But as long as the whole world is literally locked, you can’t just go with a minimized basic group of around 1100 people from all over the world. That is the most difficult for everyone: you cannot look ahead or plan anything. All we can do is make sure we are ready for the moment the lights turn green again. Bo Bendsneyder and Jesko Raffin train as good as is possible to keep their condition, our mechanics are also eager, but for the time being there simply is nothing possible. We miss our sport and it is not easy – we depend largely on sponsors and they are also having a hard time at the moment – but it is difficult and uncertain for everyone, not just us.”