Mattia Pasini heads to Mugello as third rider for Fieten Olie Racing GP

Fieten Olie Racing GP will start with not two but three riders at the Italian Grand Prix in Mugello. None other than Mattia Pasini will make his appearance at the sixth Grand Prix of the season as the third rider alongside Zonta van den Goorbergh and Barry Baltus in the colours of the Dutch Grand Prix team.

Mattia Pasini has received a Moto2 wildcard for the upcoming Gran Premio d’Italia Oakley. The experienced rider from Rimini, Italy, will join the Dutch Fieten Olie Racing GP team as the third rider during his wildcard appearance, the team for which he also competed as a replacement rider for the injured Barry Baltus at the final round of the season in Valencia in 2022.

His duties as a replacement rider at the end of last season at Valencia were seen as very positive by both the Dutch team and the Italian rider, resulting in a renewed collaboration during the Grand Prix weekend in Mugello.

The 37-year-old Pasini will share the Fieten Olie Racing GP pitbox at Mugello with Zonta van den Goorbergh and Barry Baltus. A unique opportunity for the two young talented riders to spend a Grand Prix weekend together with the still fast, highly experienced and driven Italian.

Mattia Pasini: “After my first experience with the team last year in Valencia – when I got to replace Barry – it is fantastic that I will soon get to race in the Fieten Olie Racing GP colours again at Mugello. I enjoyed the collaboration back then: the atmosphere in the team was great and it was fantastic to work with the crew. I am grateful to Jarno, but also to the rest of the crew, for this new opportunity at Mugello. I will not only enjoy it but I will also do my very best to get the best possible result.

Jarno Janssen: “It is of course great news that we will soon be entering Mugello with not two but three riders. Mattia is obviously not just a rider, he is someone with a lot of experience and someone who is also super fast. Mattia is no stranger to us as he also rode for us in Valencia last season as Barry’s replacement. This collaboration went very well for both parties at the time: this is actually the basis for our renewed collaboration soon at Mugello.

I think this is also very good for our two young regular riders within Fieten Olie Racing GP. Of course it will be a battle between them, but I think it will also be good for the further development of these two young guys. I would like to thank Mattia for his trust, it is quite an honour for us that he wants to do this project with us. And of course, it is also great for our Italian sponsors to have him at Mugello. I am looking forward to this new adventure at Mugello and let’s hope this is not the last project we will do together.”

The Gran Premio d’Italia Oakley will be held at the Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello, located in the Tuscan hills, in the weekend of 9-11 June.