JetConsult, Private Jet Charters: Dominating the Skies of MotoGP and Beyond

In the fast-paced world of MotoGP and Superbike racing, efficiency is crucial. JetConsult, led by Rieko Dalhuisen, has become a key player, providing private jet services to top riders and teams.

“Our presence in the paddock is non-negotiable,” says Dalhuisen. “Having an office here is essential, and we’re happy to be partners with RW Racing. They offer us a home within the paddock and a neutral area to meet current and potential clients.”

Besides their office in the Netherlands, JetConsult also has offices in Andorra and Italy. “The Andorra office is perfectly located to stay in touch with the MotoGP riders as most live in Andorra,” Dalhuisen notes.

JetConsult’s expertise goes beyond racing. “We also serve many of the big cyclists and cycling teams, the Dance industry, and various other sports and industries,” adds Dalhuisen. This diversification highlights their commitment to excellence across high-performance sectors.

By embedding themselves in the paddock and leveraging strategic partnerships, JetConsult ensures that top athletes and performers can rely on their premier private jet services. In a world where every second counts, JetConsult delivers consistently.