Gran Premio d’Italia Oakley. Barry P16, Zonta P21

Barry Baltus:
“Up to the race it was one of the best weekends we’ve had. On the grid we made a different tyre choice and in the end it wasn’t the right one, but we only learn from that. After twelve laps the tyre was clearly wearing and then it became difficult. We are going to analyse the race and will continue to work to do better in the future. The positive thing about this weekend was the good qualifying so we have to continue that way.”




Zonta van den Goorbergh:
“I had a very good start. With that, the first plan was succeeded as we had quite a good pace and with a good start we might have been a little further ahead than where we qualified. That was disappointing in the end as I immediately had a problem with the brakes in turn 1. I squeezed the lever completely towards me and I was also in the wrong gear so I was immediately overtaken by a number of riders.
I tried to adjust the brake a bit in the laps after that and it finally felt good again on the third lap. I saw that it is important in Moto2 to be very strong on the brakes. Then I was riding in a nice group. Eventually I got a lot of problems with arm pump and the front started to slide a lot, perhaps that had to do with our different tyre choice. In the end it was a good race because we narrowed the gap to the front, we only lost a lot in the final phase of the race.”




Jarno Janssen:
“Sixteenth is always a bit dissapointing, of course we come here to get points. It looked good before the race, mainly due to Barry’s good qualifying but Zonta’s was also solid. Their lap times were good but the race turned out a little differently than we had hoped. Barry had too many small problems that caused him to lose focus a bit and fall backwards whilst the pace is very high, then in the end you are just short of a spot to score a point.
But we also have to be positive because what he showed yesterday was just really good. Hopefully we can build on that first top ten place in qualifying. Zonta’s race was in very good because he was able to set very good lap times, only at the end he fell back a bit. For him, of course, that is also extra experience and we will take that with us to the next race.”