Eventsponsor TogetThere, the logistics service provider who takes care of efficient global transport

Who is the face behind TogetThere
TogetThere, a logistics service provider, was founded in 2019 by Jeanine Nolet, who is also the face and owner of the company. Jeanine has been working as a freight forwarder since 2006 and within the company there is over 40 years of knowledge and expertise in the logistics sector.

What does TogetThere do
TogetThere provides global transportation and supports customers with their logistics challenges and needs. With extensive experience, expertise and a strong customer focus, we work together to provide efficient global transport. We focus on full containers, LCL (pallet) shipments, air freight and road transport. Whatever the customer has ready to be shipped worldwide; we make sure it arrives at the right destination.

We handle both the import and export of goods and arrange customs clearance, not only from Rotterdam but all over the world. Whether it is transport from China to Canada or from China to Rotterdam, we distinguish ourselves by doing everything from A to Z ourselves. At TogetThere, you have a single contact who guides your shipment from start to finish. When you work with TogetThere, you can count on personal and complete service.

What is your affinity with motorsport?
We have been passionate about motorsport for years and are hugely passionate about it. I have been familiar with motorsport since 2008, while my husband has been idolising the sport for at least 30 years. Every year we love the TT in Assen, and especially RW-Idrofoglia Racing GP: the only Dutch team in the MotoGP world championship. The whole TT event, the crowd and the atmosphere are always fantastic. Everyone comes together with the same passion for motorsport.

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How did you become partners?
In April we were at the World Superbike event in Assen, where we met Jarno Janssen. During our conversation, we saw a great opportunity to sponsor RW-Idrofoglia Racing GP. For years we have had a passion for motorsport and now we got the chance to become event sponsors. This led to our event sponsorship of RW-Idrofoglia Racing GP, in which we saw a fantastic opportunity to share our mission and vision with a wider network. Our focus is on providing transport services for full containers, pallets (LCL) and sea, air and rail transport worldwide.

Similarities between RW Racing GP and TogetThere
We see similarities between RRW-Idrofoglia Racing GP and our core values: speed, accuracy, teamwork, innovation, passion and purpose. That’s why TogetThere and RW Racing GP fit together so well.

Our goal is to have a great weekend and meet nice people who ship globally and introduce them to TogetThere and thus grow our business. We aim to have a long-term partnership with RW Racing GP and hope to attract customers who are also passionate about motorsport. Through this partnership, we not only want to increase our own brand awareness, but also contribute to RW Racing GP’s growth and success.