Jarno Janssen

General team manager

Name: Jarno Janssen

Date of birth: 9 october 1975 in Deurne

Profession: Team manager RW Racing GP

Status: Married, 3 kids

Favorite racetrack: Barcelona

First GP: Malaysia 1999

As a rider Jarno Janssen had 45 Grand Prix race starts. After participating in the Dutch TT with a wild card three times he raced in the 250cc class for two and a half years and entered the 500cc class once (Le Mans 2001). Next to racing in GP’s Janssen was active at an international level in the European championship and in World Supersport. In his final year as an active rider (2005) he began working as a team manager. In that role he worked for several teams in Supersport and Grand Prix before he became RW Racing GP team manager in 2013.

“As a former racer I understand what moves a rider. I know the frustration of having points at your fingertips but not being able to grab them. I know what it feels like to lack confidence in the bike. For me that was the reason to quit halfway through the season in 2002: I was racing a 250cc machine with the forks from a Superbike. I was at the limit all the time and I had crashed so hard and so often that I was afraid of pushing the bike. Quitting halfway through the season was an emotional decision that I have regretted. Nowadays when I hear a rider complaining about having no feeling in the front, I sometimes can’t help thinking: ‘boy, you don’t know what you’re talking about’, but in the same time I fully understand.

It is not my most important task to coach a rider. As far as that is concerned, it doesn’t matter that I have raced myself. What is important, is that I know how the racing world works, and that I know what is needed to get the right person in the right place. That is my main task: make sure we have the right people, make sure those people are working with motivation and make sure we have the budget to facilitate them in doing their job.

Back in the days when I was racing we didn’t even have team managers. We had to do it ourselves much more. Nowadays we don’t have the big sponsors any more nor a fat wallet. As a consequence there is a lot to be taken care for and a lot of responsibilities. The results make or break the business.”