Frame: NTS

Engine: Honda 600 cc 4-stroke

Power: +/- 140 hp

Minimum weight: 215 kg

As the main partner for RW Racing GP NTS makes its entry in the Moto2 world championship. The Japanese company already has years of experience in developing and manufacturing frames for motorbikes. Founded in 1970 as a small business in the metal industry, NTS nowadays is a major player in DMLS 3D laser metal printing. CEO Masahiro Namatame, who took over the family business from his father, is personally involved in the Moto2 project.

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“Our challenge and dedication will lead to our clients’ satisfaction, which I hope will lead to our workers’ dreams come true as well”, mr Namatame says. “I believe that making a ’prototype’ plays a very important role in the whole process of materializing a dream into an actual creation. We find a sense of satisfaction and achievement in steadily building up this creation, which will be mass-produced years after in the future.
In addition, as a precise metal process prototyping specialist, we are showing our capabilities of production and R&D engineering levels through our own participation and presence in professional motorsports. One of the main examples of such is the fact that we are currently supplying a fully-in-house designed and manufactured ’moto2 racing bike’  which was ranked third in the FIM CEV Repsol International Championship in the 2017 season.”

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