Frame: NTS

Engine: Triumph 765cc inline 3 cylinder 4-stroke

Power: +/- 138 hp

Minimum weight: 217 kg (including rider)

As the main partner of RW Racing GP, the Japanese company NTS entered the Moto2 Grand Prix in 2018. NTS has already years of experience with the development and manufacturing of frames for motorcycles. Started in 1970 as a small metal company, NTS has grown into a major player in the DMLS 3D metal laser printing market. CEO Masahiro Namatame, who took over the family business from his father, is personally closely involved in the Moto2 project.

“Our challenge and dedication are the satisfaction of our customers, and I hope that, as a result, the dreams of our employees will come true,” said CEO Namatame. “I believe that making a ‘prototype’ plays a very important role in the process of converting a dream into a real creation, and we are proud and satisfied to be steadily building this product, hopefully in the future in mass production.”

“For us, motorsport is one of the areas where we, as a specialist in the production of metal prototypes, can showcase our research and development capabilities. One of the most important examples of this is the fact that the Moto2 world championship frames are designed and manufactured completely in-house.”

During the 2018 season, the machine was further developed and that reflected in the results that gradually improved. For the 2019 and 2020 season, NTS has further developed and improved the frame based of the findings of the past seasons and the tests with the new Triumph engine.